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I have compiled a preliminary list of ink recipes- I have not included all the names of the ink recipe contributors since it was not always clear (gleaned from the archives)- if you want your name next to a recipe you know is yours or want me to take your name off a recipe..simply email me. Also.. if you would like to add a recipe of your me as well-
A good portion of these recipes were taken from email lists compiled by Gary Thorburn and Mark Addison.

Black Cherry ink (Morris Tranen)
10ml Omas Vespucci Red
8ml Herbin Blue Night
1ml Aurora black

Dark Teal (David Isaacson)
Take Turquoise (whether Pelikan, Waterman, or Sheaffer
equivalents) and mix in some black Sheaffer Skrip. Trial and error works.
Get a dark blue-green

Military Olive Green (David Isaacson)
Sheaffer Green plus Sheaffer Black

"Herbin" Sunflower Yellow (Michael AuYeung)
1ml yellow to 0.3ml orange, both are Herbin inks.
May add less (closer to 0.2ml) orange if result is too orange to be yellow.

"Waterman" Crimson Red
(Michael AuYeung)
1.2ml of Encre Rouge with 0.2ml Encre Noir with a
touch (<= 0.1ml) of Encre Bleu Effacable. All Waterman Inks.

Satrap Orange (satrap)
1ml Skrip King's gold with 1ml Skrip Red

one part Herbin Rose Cyclamen to 3 parts Herbin
Azure Blue.

Blue (Bruce H.)
Three parts Penman Sapphire (for color)
one part Quink blue (to resist clogging).

Another Blue
Sheaffer blue plus Panache
exceptionally blue, mixed to taste.

Hybrid Mocha/Red
Penman Mocha with 10% added Panache exceptionally red. (While
Panache colors are OK alone when cut about 15% with water, they work
best as mixers)

Blood Red (Sandy Andina)
equal parts of Levenger Cocoa and Cardinal Red

Taxpayer Blood (Sandy Andina)
2 parts each Omas Vespucci Red and Triratna, 1 part Sepia.

Sepia (Paula Robinson)
Cafe des Iles (coffee brown) and Jaune Bouton d'or (buttercup yellow)
This "recipe" is a very inexact one, but the resulting ink is a lovely sepia color.

In The Money Green - (Sandy Andina)
one part each Bethge Schilfgrune and Herbin Vert Olive.

Vivid Blue - (Michael AuYeung)
about 1:1 ratio of Penman Sapphire with Waterman
South Sea Blue, and a drop or two of Sheaffer Green
per 6mL.

Atlantic Blue- (Bart Grossman)
4 parts Waterman Blue/Black to 1 part Pelikan Green
produces a dark blue/green, subtle but a little different
and sort of "forties".

Red-Brown - (Robert Angel)
a mixture of half red, half brown Sheaffer ink, with
just a tad more red than brown creates a nice effect.

Prussian Blue- (Gary Thorburn)
A dignified dark blue-green can be produced as follows:
Half-fill an empty 30 ml ink bottle with Waterman Florida Blue,
then bring it almost to full by adding Waterman South Seas Blue.
Now with an eyedropper add 1 or 2 ml of Penman Emerald.
Middle-school Chemistry teachers will tell you that 20 drops
is approximately one ml.

November Oak- (Gary Thorburn)
This is an orange dark enough to actually write with. Looks
nice with a broad nib: Simply darken one Bottle of Herbin
Indian Orange, by adding 1 or 2 ml of Penman Mocha, using an

Trouble-free sapphire-like ink (Allan T.)
I have formulated a very simple mixture that gives an ink as
beautiful as Penman sapphire with virtually none of the problems that come
from it's high dye concentration. Simply make a one to one mixture of
Penman sapphire with Waterman South Seas blue (or probably any other
turquoise ink).

Black and Sapphire (Rip Griffith)
a 50/50 mix of Parker Quink black and Parker Penman
sapphire, which gives me a most elegant black with just some overtones
of sapphire blue.

Irish Green (Reese)
Parker Penman Emerald and
Sheaffer Emerald Green mixed 1:1

Forest Green (Anna)
Any green with Sheaffer's King's Gold to desired
shade. (I like mine 1:1.)

Masculine Purple (LOL) (Bruce A.)
very nice deep  purpley-blue, try mixing a few drops of Parker Penman Sapphire with red
ink (I use Hero red, but probably any red would work as well)

Deep Sapphire Blue (Eric Fischman)
Mix equal parts of Private Reserve Plum and Private Reserve Naples Blue to make
a deep rich Sapphire Blue substitute. 20 drops of each from a standard medicine
dropper will fill an M800

Cherry Blend (Geoff Harrison)
Sheaffer Red + Sheaffer Blue-Black mixed about 4:1

Light Olive (Geoff Harrison)
Sheaffer Kings Gold + Sheaffer Green mixed 1:4 or 5

Alternative to Penman Ruby (Gary Friedman)
I started with 5ml of Omas Vespucci Red and mixed in close to 4 ml
of Herbin Blue Night. It still wasn't dark enough so I added up to a ml (cc)
of Sheaffer Jet Black. When I went to write on Embassy Pads the coloring was a
bit too dark- darker than Herbin Pouissiere De Lune (even though
"Greg style smears" had looked good initially). I ended up adding
another 1-3cc of Vespucci Red to lighten it back up. So perhaps try
the Omas and Herbin before adding any Black. Write a bit on different papers before deciding if
you want to add anything else (ie. Black).

Grass Green (Renard A. DellaFave)
4 parts Sheaffer Green
3 parts Sheaffer King's Gold

Another Black Cherry (Renard A. DellaFave)
half Herbin Poussiere de Lune, half Pelikan Violet

Kinney's Black Cherry (Renard A. DellaFave)
Pelikan Violet with some black, any brand.
(I used Sheaffer black in a 1:4 ratio with the Violet and got good results)

Basic Burgundy (Mark Addison)
5 parts Sheaffer red Scrip, 1 part Sheaffer black Scrip

added 5.23.2000

Olive Drab Green (Bruce Larson)
87% Herbin Vert Olive with 13% Pelikan Black (10cc Vert Olive with 1.5cc
Black), stir gently, and Wha La! I would call it a "middle of the road OD".
Maybe bump up the black another 1% or leave the cap off the bottle for a
while for a darker OD for use in thinner writing pens.

Pumpkin Orange (Craig Lewis)
Approx 4 parts Omas Triratna to 1 part Omas Amerigo
Vespucci red. Gives an excellent rich orange with
plenty of color saturation for everyday use.

Teal (Craig Lewis)
Approx 3 parts Herbin Vert Reseda to 1 part Pelikan 4001
blue. Vert Reseda is a great color by itself; the
blue inclusion gives it better depth.

added 5.26.2000

'Pelikan' Navy Blue (Bart Grossman)
Equal parts Pelikan Blue/Black, Brillant Black and Blue yields a
deeply saturated blue/black in place of the washed out look of most

added 10.01.2000

Oxblood (David Mason)
start w/ 20 units Skrip Red
7 units Skrip Black
12 units (+/-) Skrip Black
start with red, add black till satisfied then add blue

Hunter Green (David Mason)
start w/ 20 units Skrip Green
add 7 units Skrip Black
continue adding black until satisfied
then add 5 units Skrip blue

Hunter Green (Treb)
3 parts Waterman Green
1 part Waterman Blue-Black
add Waterman Black to taste

Last Updated: 10.01.2000